It was easy to convince them that they were “foes” in the game…
It was easy to convince them that they were “foes” in the game…

“Here is a game that kept surprising me. It continued to demonstrate more depth of play than I thought it capable of, required a lot of critical strategic thinking, and offered players the ability to quickly shift tactics to respond to a constantly changing game mat. The final result was a game that entertained and challenged.”

Cyrus Kirby the Father Geek in his official review of Friend or Foe

Image by Cindy Smith
Image by Cindy Smith

“It’s a pretty easy game to get into. I suggest watching someone who knows how to play or knows the basics and play for the first game with a deck spread out in front of you. Then you can see what’s going on and read through some of the cards and then after that you should be able to jump in. I watched a full game and then I jumped in. I didn’t win. And then my third game I won against the creator & two other people who had been playing for a long time 🙂 … It’s a great game and I suggest you get it.”

Zoe Berger (aka Frost) in her review of Friend or Foe

David Hepting

“A really fun game, really well thought out, and well designed. It’s exciting and endlessly replayable. One of those games I realize right away: I could play it a hundred times and still have funny or unexpected things happen each time.”

David Hepting, reviewing of Friend or Foe

“Friend or Foe is an absolutely beautiful game. It is extremely versatile as it features four different player decks, cooperative or free for all, and four extra game modes. It constantly surprises. Just when you think you’ve won, suddenly your opponent has wiped out your main base, snatched away your captive and is heading back to their base. I love that once you capture your captive (or your opponent captures theirs) it doesn’t end there, you still have to return it to your base. This allows for a complete turn around in the game (and often not just once!). Not only do you have to think about getting your captive, you also have to think about protecting your base and your opponent’s captive. Excellent strategy, easy to learn, and every game is completely different. Don’t play this game just once!”

Takara in her review of Friend or Foe

“Thank you for creating such a fun game. It has brought my family together during a tough time and I am very grateful for that. My son keeps wanting to play it using the different groups of cards and so far his favorite way of playing is using the dragon that can eat everyone up. The game’s theme of rescuing a friend and bringing them safely home really speaks to me, as that is what I am trying to do with my children. I don’t know if the game is meant to have a double meaning, but for me, it represents my own struggles and trials. Having my children play the game with me reminds me that they are along with the journey and I need to do all I can to protect them and bring them home safe. Thank you again for the wonderful game.”