The Tabloro version of FoFo is still under construction, check UPDATES for more info.

The website, Tabloro, has made it possible to easily port tabletop games into a digital environment. Though currently in an alpha state, Tabloro allows for an online version of Friend or Foe. We hereby dub it FoFo, forFriend Or Foe Online.”

To play FoFo, follow these steps:

  1. Make an account on Tabloro. You can sign up here.
  2. Go to this url. Choose “create new table.”
  3. Give your table a unique name.
  4. Under the advanced settings, choose the audio/video settings you want. You can uses these settings to communicate with your opponent within the Tabloro interface. Alternately you can disable these and just run another program like Google Hangouts in the background.
  5. When your table settings are complete, click “create.”
  6. Find a friend to play with and send them the URL for your table. The URL should be something like this:{your-table-name-here}
  7. Make sure to shuffle the card stacks before playing. Do this by drag selecting all the cards in a stack and clicking the “die” icon.
  8. Play and have fun!

Note: To ease gameplay, FoFo uses the Tokens & Game-board found in the Game-board Edition.