Friend or Foe

Recover the Summit, Rescue the Captive

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Game Introduction

—-He’s been waiting, waiting for days. Hands tied, captured by enemy forces. He’s confident you will save him. You wouldn’t leave him to languish at the hands of his captors. Would you? Will he be rescued first? Or will his enemies destroy your clan to rescue their own captive?
—-You must make the treacherous journey across the Karrowlands. The Karrowlands are perilous; a vast and unending land stretching from the desolate desert to the arctic ice, from the rolling grasslands to the fields of lava. Recover the summit. It’s the only way. But who will be there waiting for you? Gwythral, the tameable dragon? Maneeri, the mountain giant known for taking captives of his own? Ragnash, The Wolf of the Underworld, who devours everything in his wake? Or perhaps your enemies have set up an ambush of their own? You must fight.
—-Control locations to gather resources. Deploy extra recruits. Battle the unsuspecting foes. Advance towards the enemy base. Will you team up with local kinsmen, or will you venture out alone? Choose your clansmen wisely.
—-He sits and prays for you, his compatriot, to come to rescue him; to save the day. He knows the journey will not be easy. Will you recover the summit and rescue the captive? Or abandon him to your foes. Only time will tell.

“Here is a game that kept surprising me. It continued to demonstrate more depth of play than I thought it capable of, required a lot of critical strategic thinking, and offered players the ability to quickly shift tactics to respond to a constantly changing game mat. The final result was a game that entertained and challenged.”

Cyrus Kirby the Father Geek in his official review of Friend or Foe

Illus. Oscar Linder, © 2015 Oscar Linder:
Illus. Oscar Linder, © 2015 Oscar Linder: